Pronounce You

By CeliaisAliena

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Tags: love, lesbian, submission, domination, dildo, surreal

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Love and marriage in the Post-Modern world
Ethics, this is the slut
I told you about
Blush summons sentence
Served knee-high I can tell
She’s never bent this far

Alice wears brief skirts
Weighs the legal options
Vermont Sodom Thunder
Student debt and studded collar

Go-go justice prefers house music arrest
Bottled brunettes
Latex and fishnets
Prime pills and pumping fist
Jury-rigged troth's still better than none
Threeways thrice excel being one
Your heart's cell knows many mates

The gory papacy graves remark
But briefed apart
I may still pronounce you
Dappled apple mine

Wet witness weights the balance
Often pinking good maids spark
Just bounce this plastic caliber cock

Blonde doorbells gather breath and sprint
On the hinges of this kiss