Pull Up

By DonAbdul

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Pull Up

Don Abdul©

Pull up to my bumper

Prove your mettle as a top humper

Feel the luscious curvature

Bow to the majesty of Mother Nature

Pull up to my bumper

Unleash your inner freak, the hard thumper

Let me feel your hands calloused and rough

Oh yeah, lay it upon my every curve

Pull up to my bumper

Let's dance together, Lambada, Salsa, and Rumba

Inhale my essence

As it pervades your senses like natural incense

Close your eyes, share my body heat

In unison let our lusty hearts beat

Pull up to my bumper

Let the force of our passion rend inhibitions asunder

Taste me; savor the nectar of my flower

As I taste of your fountain, salty liquid of your power

Mmmm... so delicious every minute of every hour

Pull up to my bumper

Come within my sacred chamber

Feel the seductive prowess of the utterly sensuous

Pay your sacrifice on the alter of the voluptuous

Possess my softness, my fullness

Hit this booty with all your fitness

Listen to my swollen lips confession

As you, work it with your throbbing contraption

Hearken its catcalls; its pleas for your hammer

I'm a lost horny soul, come be my redeemer