By Alphamagus

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A young sub awaits her punishment!
Hands behind your back, securely tied.

Blindfold attached, legs slighly wide.

Your gown feels heavy, your nipples hardened,

The next few minutes will see if you're pardoned.

You feel his approach, his cologne you can sense,

Your lips start to moisten, your body you tense,

Your hem is pulled upwards, your buttocks are shown,

You tighten them quickly, your punishment known,

The swish of the air, the switch of the cane,

Lands on your exposed backside again and again,

The pain starts to spread, your breath starts to pant,

Your mound starts to moisten with your incredible want.

But why has he stopped?, is this part of your lot?

To be left hanging breathless, alone on the spot.

You hear him withdraw, your heart now feels broken,

And the worse sort of punishment is no words are spoken,

Aware of your dampness, you feel sad and contrite,

And wish that you had treated your Master right,

A tear starts to well as you stifle a cry

When you hear the undoing of a zip from a fly,

You could cry with elation, he hasn't yet left,

A hand touches your buttocks then widens your cleft,

The sound of a quick squirt from some sort of tube,

Warm hands on your backside, as he's starting to lube.

Two fingers are inserted in your sopping mound,

They caress and they tease and they twist and they pound

Your orgasm building, a hand cups your breast,

Its fingers are kneading,your nipples caressed.

Aware of his hardness at the crease of your cheeks,

Aware of the lube and what your lord seeks,

You take a step backwards, to show you are willing,

He enters you slowly, your passage he's filling,

The pain subsides quickly and turns then to pleasure,

Your body he's opening, your Master, your Treasure.

You know that its coming, you're starting to buck

Your orgasm hits from this glorious fuck.

The pleasure overcomes, you feel your feet start to fail,

But you must let him finish, your wonderful male.

His thrusting is faster and you hear a voice grunt,

When you feel him withdraw from your ass and your cunt.

Your legs at last fail, and you fall to your knee,

The blindfold is lifted so you finally can see.

The ties are undone as he loosens the cord

You turn around to look at your Master, your Lord.

But who is behind you is someone unknown,

A Venus with a strap-on had made you moan,

Your Master is here on a chair on the side.

His hands in his lap,his eyes open wide.

You rise to your feet and walk to Masters new sub,

You kiss her on the lips, her shoulders you rub

You thank her for the intimacy that you have just shared,

Whilst your Master just masturbated and stared.

You kneel at his feet and sink your lips on his cock,

Your hand starts to pump, your jaw starts to lock,

The other sub helps, she fingers his balls,

His hip starts to buck as she helps the cause.

His load starts to shoot, you swallow it all

Then both lick him clean, whilst you're knelt on the floor

You beg for forgiveness for your minor transgression,

That led to your beating and punishment session.

But a tiny thought sparks at the back of your brain,

As you wonder how you could get punished again.