Pure Insanity

By Firestar

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                        Pure Insanity


I see you…

                  Walking by me on upon the streets of endless heartbreak.

Now my desire are rushing within my heart and soul like wild fire.

This is…

              Pure Insanity

Me wanting you so fast to be all mine.


I hear you…

                    Saying things within the gentle wind that is now brushing by my essence.

All your haunting dreams are speaking to me as if we were meant to be together.

How can I hear your hidden desire like they were mine?

This is…

              Pure Insanity

Me wishing for your love to surrender to me.


I watch you…

                        Your body swaying with a message that tell me, I must dare all with you.

Your body is calling to mine, in such way, I am willing to just fall into your arms forever.

Heaven help me, heaven help you, I’m lost into your haunting pull of love.

What has come over me?

This is…

              Pure Insanity

Me believing you feel the same way as I do.


I am waiting…

                        Not sure how long must I wait, but if I need to, I will wait forever for you.

Here I be lost within your life roller coaster ride of endless torture.

Damn if I do or don’t reach out to you.

What will you do now that I belong forever to you?

This is…

               Pure Insanity

Me loving you so completely without you ever kissing or within my reach to know what is it like to be love by you.


I stare…

              Into your sultry green eyes, now you have my world exploding within a false reality.

Silently, I know you will never love me back in the same way, but I must still be here for you, when you finally do come around to see me always here with a endless love only for you, I will always be what you need in your life, as the cruel world comes crashing upon you.

This is…

              Pure Insanity

Me being controlled by a passion like a puppet from your heart strings that have I no control over.


I reach out…

                        Air and space fill my arms like endless sorrow and pain.

You are not with me, I am not with you, but this love I have for you feels more real than life to me.

Tears begin to fall from my heavenly eyes.

This is…

              Pure Insanity

Me raging within emotion because I can’t have your love as mine.


A hunger begins.

My body is aching for you.

My mind is screaming at me because my patience is gone.

This is…

              Pure Insanity

I snapped, now I am locked behind these bars, because you drove me into complete madness.


Pure Insanity was what your haunting entity did to me.



©2009 Firestar