Q is for Quarterback Pass


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Win or lose, it's how you play the game and screw your opponents

Football is a rough contact sport.

Whether you’re tall or you’re short,

For when on offense

Or playing defense,

Your muscles and bones can contort.

So it shouldn’t surprise you to hear

The rules of the game are quite clear.

When you play with the pros,

They say anything goes

Including filling your foe with great fear.

This gridiron culture has bred

Men who play rough in bed.

When they’re in the red zone

They make the girls moan

Whether fucking or giving head.

Players who score a touch down

Are guys who can sure go to town.

They will make any pass

Just to score some hot ass

As into wet pussy they pound.

Cheerleaders are their natural prey.

Football players can fuck them all day.

The girls have great tits

And their legs do the splits

Putting their pussies on full display.

The ability to stretch out their limbs

Fits well with ball players' whims.

Football players, I have found,

Prefer their girls to be bound

While pounding away at their quims.

After the game, in the locker room

In a dank atmosphere like a tomb,

Every cheer leading wench

Takes her turn on the bench

As footballers fuck her sore womb.

No secrets will cheerleaders betray

If on the squad they want to stay.

They all know the score:

They won’t get any more

If they squeal about how players play.