By Linsee89

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The willow branch whispers
softly against her ear;
you love he sweet dear.
Her brain kicks violently
against her skull;
you will do no such thing!

Why is it so hard?

His mouth moves and his
voice flows like a slow
moving creek against
her smooth skin.
I love thee.

Her face cracks in
a sad smile-those words
make her cry inside
her heart.

Her brain opens its ugly mouth-
you love thee not!

He moves away-
Why trust me not?

She looks up at the sky
Her brain and heart agreeing
on nothing
and everything.

Why is it so difficult to trust thee?

I love thee!
Her hand squeezes and
life disappears.

You love thee not kind child.
Their lips press against
the others and she smiles.

You love me so?

Nails against skin
sun kissed eye lashes
flutter about-searching
for the answers to the

Where did love go?

My sweet child;
I love thee so!

She chooses to believe!
and must let go.

You love me--
her brain screams at the next part
only her heart knows the truth.

And I love thee so!