Quietly, I Exit

By TopThis

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A Rondelet Poem
our darkness illuminated
I smile, inhale and sit jaded.
The light bounces off of your skin,
beasts released from deep within.

I needed that.
My smoke dances through the still air.
I needed that.
The love made nothing to laugh at -
my mind thinking back, recalling...
The times when I’ve let go are rare,
I needed that.

A long sigh slips..
gazing at your nude body spent.
A long sigh slips,
legs quivering from toes to hips...
Unadulterated event -
I will need some time to repent!
...a long sigh slips...

Shhh slowly dress -
as not to wake you from your sleep.
Shhh slowly dress...
Its too comfortable on your chest.
Garter, hose, skirt... all in a heap.
I’ll leave my panties for you to keep,
shhh slowly dress!

Last night was yours,
Tomorrow then, must be all mine.
Last night was yours.
Daylight will break in an hour,
Leave my number? The bottom line ...
I just don’t know if I will have time.
Last night was yours....