Ramblings From My Soul

By Saga

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How can I explain what I feel?
When I can’t find the words that are enough,
No words created to express my emotions?
How can I show you what I cannot say?

A fierce grip on my heart,
Like a fist clenching my ragged soul,
Soothed by your wondrous touch.
Like bright fireflies dancing on my skin,
Like a scream from within, erupting.

My heart wide awake and fighting,
My troubled thoughts all tangled up,
That I cannot untie,
Even if I wanted to.

I crave you like nothing else before you,
I am addicted to your touch.
You reach inside of me and surround me,
In bright little crystal lights around my soul.

Like the soft glow of candle light,
In the darkness of night,
You light up my gloomy day
And make it shine brighter.

I look at you and try to say
What it is that I really feel,
Closing my eyes,
Letting it wash over me,
Like the soft rain of spring.

I struggle to find the words,
To get my soul to speak,
But there are no coherent thoughts,
To the true meaning of me.

All I have is my ramblings.