Raw Desire

By CaliGurl77

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Tags: desire, blowjob, lust

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I'm sitting on our bed, watching you come out from the shower
Water droplets linger on your chest, unwilling to let go
I stand, mesmerized by your appearance

"Sit," you say, your green eyes flashing with raw lust
That look scares me, I scuttle back, and trip
I land on my back, my legs fly upward, giving you a good view of my shaved pussy lips

I sit up, and re-collect my jumbled thoughts
A soft thump reverberates on the floor
I look up; you've thrown off your towel

"Come here. Suck my cock," you hiss
I stand up, swallowing hard
This is not good, you're in a worked up state

I stand up, my throat dry, my knees shaking
"Stupid slut! On your knees," you say scornfully
Shamefully I kneel, and start crawling toward you on all fours

Why are you so far away?
I can feel your green-eyed gaze on me
Staring at my breasts, mesmerized by the way gravity makes them look bigger

I stop at your feet, staring at each perfect toe
"Suck my cock, slut!"
I nod and obey, and guide your cock into my mouth

Your cock is warm and succulent
I lick the tip, and run my hands up and down your shaft
You grasp my hair, and shove your cock down my throat

"Mmmmphf," I moan
Your cock is big, filling up my entire throat, making me gag
I choke, and pull your cock out

"Too big, sir," I gasp
You shake your head, disgusted
I grasp your cock, and start licking

I lick harder, cupping my hands around your swollen shaft
Nuzzling your soft fine hairs
"Urgh yeah baby...keep that up," you moan

I smile inwardly and take your cock in my mouth
It slides in easily, coated with precum and my saliva
"Mmm, your cock is so tasty Master," I say

With a loud groan, you release your gunky white liquid
I slurp it all up, and sit back
Wiping my mouth, I look up at you

"Thank you for the yummy cum, Master."
You collapse next to me, your hands roaming over my body
Tiny sparks fly where you've touched me

"Thank you slut," you say
I nod and kiss your cheek
"I needed it. It was a release of pure raw desire," you whisper