Resistance is Futile

By Bunny12

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Tags: Futility, resistance, heat, take your sexy ass

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You are mine get used to it!

So very hot you know you want everything that I’ve got.
No one can take it from you better than me think about it and you will see.
Baby can’t you figure it out or do I always have to yell and shout?
Resistance is futile yes it is true because my desires are brutal and they are all for you.

I know you had been looking for a very long time to find someone that could make you unwind.
To physically take your body by force and fulfill your submissive desires of course.
Because I can only have you online the control I have over you is your mind.
I would bet money you often think of me and are reminded of all our fantasies that could be.
Resistance is futile yes it’s true because you belong with me and I belong with you.

Though our timing has been for total crap it is your sexy ass that I want to slap.
Take you down a peg or two let you know who is in control of you.
Whose commands you must obey and listen to every word that I say.
Resistance is futile soon you will understand that you WILL be my submissive man.

The fact of the matter is that you already are addicted to me stuck to me like tar.
You know you can’t stay away you will always eventually return looking to play.
The sooner you are accepting of this fact the sooner we can get on the right track.
Resistance is futile so sit back and enjoy being your Mistress’ favorite boi toy.

This situation we have can be long term I will never loose the desire to make you squirm.
To want to fuck your sexy hot ass and dress you up with BDSM class.
A collar and chain to control you and make you do everything I want you to.
Resistance is futile you are my prisoner now you must obey that will be your vow.
You will never find anything as perfect as this take you like a man, leave you with a tender kiss.
Hard and rough yet feminine and sweet you know you are going to crave my heat.
Lord knows every day I crave you, crave to gaze upon your hot body is what I want to do.
Resistance is futile give me what I want or you know it’s your mind that I will haunt.

You know when I want you I know what to do to make you come running to you know who.
Last time I enticed you that way the very same day you came looking for me to play.
Get used to the idea I will have you when I want and my control over you I will keep secret not flaunt.
Resistance is futile give into to me, relax and enjoy our seductive journey.

No matter what our every day life brings our secret world will take care of all the kinky things.
All the deviant needs that we have that are the same so deep seated it is more than a game.
We will never find a more perfect catch for each other we are best match.
Resistance is futile can’t you understand I was meant to be your Mistress and you were meant to be my submissive man.