Rise and Shine

By BelleduJour

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Rise and Shine
It's early and daylight hasn't arrived just yet
Laying next to you
I can feel your body against mine
See your breath rise and fall
Sleeping peacefully
Without a word, I slip under the covers
And settle between your legs
I plant soft butterfly kisses along your one thigh,
Then the other
Slowly making my way up towards that beautiful cock of yours
Just waiting to be taken again
I gently nibble your inner thigh and look up to find you finally stirred awake
Realizing what I’m up to
A little smile crosses your lips
Your cock twitches with anticipation
And I can see it starting to swell
I nuzzle my face against your beautiful balls
The musky scent is intoxicating
Gently, I take one ball into my mouth,
Then the other
Sucking them,
Swirling my tongue around them
I massage your shaft with my free hand
And see a tiny pearl of precum pool at the tip
I let your balls drop from my mouth as I move up to take your hard cock in my mouth
Needing to lick and suck,
Just the way you like it
Look at me when I suck your cock...
I want you to watch me
My mouth begins to water
I wrap my hot mouth around your engorged tip
Moving my head up and down,
Sliding my lips and tongue over your shaft
Swirling my tongue in circles around the head
Mmm..you taste so good
You grab a fistful of my hair and start to control my rhythm
Controlling how deep,
How fast
I keep my lips tight around your cock
And move my free hand between my legs
I need to touch myself
I can’t help myself
I can feel your cock get harder
I can taste the salty precum again as it floods my mouth
You can’t help yourself and thrust upwards into my mouth
While your hands push my head down onto you
Needing to do deeper
Making me gag at first
But you just hold me there until I get used to it
I can take it
You know I can take it
You pull out slightly
Then slam your cock to the back of my throat
Over and over
But that’s not enough
Not for either of us
I lift my leg and straddle your thigh
Can you feel how wet my pussy is?
I slowly slither up your body leaving behind a trail of my pussy juice on your thigh
Slowly making my way to your mouth
I can feel your cock twitch as I position myself,
Straddling your hips now
You thrust your hips upwards until the tip of your cock kisses my wet folds
I lower myself onto your cock,
Slowly at first,
Until your cock disappears inside my pussy
Rocking back and forth,
I slam down on your cock as hard as I can
I can’t seem to get enough
Your hands on my breasts then my hips,
Guiding me,
Keeping rhythm with me
Don’t stop fucking me!
I lean back up and reach behind,
My hand caressing your balls
I roll them between my fingers,
Playing with them,
I lean forward again and devour your mouth
Deep kisses
Hungry kisses
Our tongues entwined
I pull away to catch my breath
And then bite your lower lip
Don’t you dare stop fucking me
I want you to cum inside of me
I want to feel your hot cum inside me
Don’t you fucking dare stop!
Looking into your eyes
I rock back down onto your cock
And I feel your orgasm rock through your body
Your hot cum squirting deep inside me
Filling me up
I plant another kiss on your lips
And reluctantly ease myself off of you
Your cum slowly oozes out of my pussy
And drips down my thighs
I take your semi-hard cock in my mouth one last time
Squeezing every last drop of cum left to suck
Your cock twitches violently at the sensation
I finally settle into your arms
Where we fall back to sleep locked in a naked embrace