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The second of my BDSM poetry challenge.

A water color sleeper
softly floating where she lays
arms stretched taut
trapped within gentle reminders
of who she is,
and what she is, the edge
that separates night from day
and want from need
a stained glass cathedral
upon rumpled and stained sheets
light falls across the watermark
illumination on a still quiet face
pain washing over flesh like summer rain
a lullaby of serene silence
muted cries collected in a golden cup
mixed with blood and love
and earthly flesh, so frail
a love letter upon her back
inked red, and etched
each letter scripted by a sure hand
a careful hand
precise in number, neither too many
nor too few.
there is beauty below the surface
even when there is no reflection
the moon, the stars, the sun
you can see them in her eyes
drowning in love.