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It’s a word that can be so elusive…
It’s that time again
The wait has been excruciatingly long
But here I am
Laying beside her warm body

I’ve longed for this
Even ached for this
To make love to my bride as
The velvety tip stands posed at her wet slit

As I look into her eyes
I have expectations
Specific ones, apparently unrealistic ones
Her gaze screams out at me and falls far short of every one of them

I’m expecting to see the face of passion, of desire
A reciprocation of what I feel inside for her
A look of want, of utter need
A yearning for me to fill the void that only lovers can fill

While I know that I’m a sensitive man
And sometimes overly so
I also know that that isn’t the case in this moment
For right now she’s not even here

She says nothing as I bury myself inside her
And yet in her silence she’s said it all
As she refuses my kisses her body screams out
‘Just do it and get it over with’

She stops herself short
Of looking at her watch
Of yawning or anxiously tapping her foot
But just short of that

As she climbs out of the bed and into the shower
To rid her body of my ‘sticky mess’
I go to my office
And sit before the screen

I hate doing this
Leaving my marriage bed for another
But here I am
Looking for you

You’re nowhere to be found
But I tell myself it’s alright
As I pull up your pictures
And the countless conversations we’ve had

Soon I am lost in them
And I’m lost in all of the excitement
The thrill of being together again
Just lost in the wonder of you

Though they are stunning
It isn’t your pictures that capture me
It’s the woman inside, the tender, encouraging lover
The one who accepts me as I am, in spite of my significant downside

I’m reading your words, your thoughts toward me
Toward us, what we mean to each other, noting your passion in every word
My cock is swollen again, just dripping
As I hear the faucet down the hall being turned off

There is an urgency here
The need to please, the need for release
I’m standing up now
As I comb down your words and then gaze once again into your sultry eyes

“Come for me”
I hear you whisper
“Shoot your lovely cream
Wherever you like baby

I will deny you nothing
In the very core of my being, I want to please you!”
And in my mind I’m thinking
The exact same thing

Isn’t that what love looks like?
Living to please and enjoy and to give to one another
Elevating you above myself
Drawing fulfillment by bringing you pleasure

As my heart quickens and my cum begins to fly
There is a guiltiness that accompanies this euphoric liberation
I wish it was different, I wish we were different
I think to myself as my fingers are flooded with my hot cream

If you were here I know what you’d do
So as I bring my fingers to my mouth I’m envisioning it is you
You would be looking up at me, with a hint of desperation
Seducing me with your eyes before drinking down every last drop of my nectar

What a contrast, to be taken just moments ago from the painful pit of frustration
To this, this wonderful place with you
There’s just one word to describe you
That describes us together


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