Secret Longing

By Bunny12

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How does it feel to be left wanting?
To know what you need, but it’s just out of reach.
No one to confide in, that safety net is gone;
Do you feel big and strong, or do you feel meek?

When she holds you at night, does your mind wander?
Do your dreams betray you in your sleep?
Warm in your arms do you dare tell her?
In the end you know you only sew what you reap.

What do you think of when that fire starts burning?
Is it nothing but flashes of the past?
Will you ever get what you think you need?
No commitment just someone to take your ass.

Keep coming back to what slipped through your fingers;
I feel your eyes looking, will you ever forget?
It is the person you need, not just that feeling;
When you figure it out, you will be filled with regret.

The forces of nature move in mysterious ways;
Sometimes opposites do attract.
They say everything happens for a reason;
Your choice is how you choose to react.

When things hit you too close to home;
Fences are put up and bridges are burned.
Maintain the walls that hide your soul;
Through it all is this all you have learned?

This sea is so vast and filled with promises;
Tormented we are, as ships passing in the night.
Feels so very close but is so far away;
On the horizon is just a tiny bright light.

Beckons us onward, drives us toward it;
To fill that space that’s empty inside.
Nothing will change if you do things the same;
Sooner or later you will get caught up in all the lies.

If you’d just let go and face the reality;
The truth as you know it way down deep.
Always hiding in the back of your mind;
What you see when you close your eyes to sleep.

Don’t tell me you love me or that you need me;
Then run away and hide in the dark.
Time is so precious, not to be wasted;
There are only so many times you can make a fresh start.