By sweet_as_candy

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Now who is in control?
All dressed up in ruby red,

Teasing you, ready for bed.

Stockings, knickers and heels, too,

Hoping you enjoy the view,

Of my legs, opening wide, 

Sexy gaze intensified.

Sliding my heel up your leg

Hearing the sound of you beg

To allow you to touch me.

Snapped restraints, your hands are free.

Wandering heel up your chest,

I trail it back down to rest.

Your cock reacts to its touch,

You need to stroke it so much.

I lick my lips as I rub 

My honey-covered, wet nub.

Grabbing my heel, as you gasp,

My foot is now in your grasp.

Pulling it towards your lips,

Untying the bow and clips.

My heel drops upon the floor,

Sucking toes, I beg for more.

Now it is your turn to please,

To make me beg, and to tease.