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Senses 5

just my thoughts
m an erotica writer. And as some of you know, a chef.

As far as Im concerned, cooking and sex are the only two passions that combine all five of our senses.

Taste: We taste fresh fruit in the stands, but we also taste our partner in love-making. The sweetness of a crisp fuji apple being chewed in our mouths, almost like when we are really turned on when you kiss a woman or a just want more.

Touch: we check for doneness on a steak by touching it, and we touch our partners skin and erogenous zones to make sure they are ready for more touching, and you never stop.

Sight: Visual sense. We use it to make sure the bread we are baking is golden brown and delicious, and lets be honest, when we see our sex partners either in the nude or in a sexy skimpy outfit, who here wont be aroused?

Sound: whether it be the searing of a steak on a grill or the long, loud moans of a woman reaching her sexual pinnacle, we all love this sound, and love the other sounds they are capable of making.

And perhaps the most important sense we have.

Scent: Like how fresh cracked black pepper can elevate a piece of cooked duck breast into a floral perfume, so can the natural body scent of a woman turn all of us into passion-crazed individuals. Most call it Pheromones, I call it our natural instinct. And we should set ourselves free from time to time.

What could be more erotic then piping out soft and silky dark chocolate mousse on a naked woman's body? When her pale flesh becomes your canvas and there is no wrong way to sculpt on her natural frame. What could be more erotic?

You taking the time to lick off all the mousse from her body, making her feel your tongue dance on her skin, going all over her sweet spots and breasts and hard, tender nipples....and then leaning in to kiss her deeply and make passionate love to not only her body, but her soul.

But thats just me....i could very well be wrong ;-)
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