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Tags: love, sex, kiss, sadness
He became her serendipity
He had me from hello, such a simple word
Little did we know that it would change our world
I can't believe how short it's been since our first friendly chat
When we said goodnight at last, I thought that was that

But our talks did not stop there, they only grew to be more
Could this really be the man I had always searched for
How can love happen so fast that we don't even know it
The way our hearts seemed to open in the space of a moment

His heart reached for mine from our very first talk
Though we each had hard paths that we continue to walk
I don't know which came first, the passion or love
It all happened so fast, yet it fit us like a glove

Today we lay in bed and we knew what we wanted
Making love is not new to us, yet we feel haunted
We started off slow, with a deep passionate kiss,
I know if he leaves me, it's his kisses I'll miss

His breath on my neck sends chills to my toes
The way he whispers secrets that only he knows
His hands on my face as his lips are on mine
Our mouths part and open and our tongues intertwine

I have looked such a long time for a touch this true
It makes the sun brighter and the sky seems more blue
His lips nip at my neck and I let out a moan
He nibbles and bites, and I hear a low groan

His passion builds and his kisses get harder
Out loud I beg for his mouth to go farther
He reaches my breasts and his lips find my nipples
He sucks them, he bites them, my ecstasy triples

My nipples harden so fast I can feel the pressure
His love bites send shivers through me of pleasure
He kisses me, whispering "I am yours now forever"
His heart and my heart are now beating together

On down my body his mouth steadily moves
His lips and his tongue lick each curve, kiss each groove
My legs fall apart and I am now his to taste
His tongue parts me down there, there is no time to waste

He licks me, he sucks me, he loves up my core
Oh god, I beg him and I plead to get more
I need him inside me, to feel myself stretch
He enters my emptiness, I feel my breath catch

Together we rock back and forth, now we're as one
Slowly at first, we don't rush to be done
This feeling warms me, it is pure ecstasy
Our bodies together, I feel this is beauty

He looks in my eyes and he pushes so deep
I know in my heart I am his now to keep
We love like this for what seems like hours
Time loses meaning, pure pleasure is ours

The sweat on his brow and my body glistens
I swear I can hear his heart pound as I listen
Our climax continues to build like a storm
It has a life of its own, it has its own form

When we finally surrender my body feels gripped
As I feel from my soul all my sadness was ripped
This man gives my world new meaning, belief
His warm seed inside me is such a relief

He lies next to me breathing ragged and hard
We forget every part that has ever been scarred
Falling asleep in his arms with his legs wrapped in mine
We have pushed back the darkness and we let the sun shine

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