Setting Her Free

By Bad_4You

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Tags: love poems, reluctance, passion, longing, taking control, bondage, bdsm

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The girl falls under his spell...
It’s all gone
The false pretenses
This fallacy of how you once defined freedom

You’ve come to the light
The light of my darkness
As my form casts its heavy shadow over you

Initially fear overtakes you
This angst about the unknown
I can see it in your lovely eyes

You think you know what you want
But more importantly
I know what you need

I restrain the dreaded emotion
By securing your wrists and feet
A new-found peace is just over the horizon

You’ve come to understand
That the yanking of your hair and the surrender of your body
Allows liberty to come and take its rightful place

For a strong woman who has always stood on her own
This new position is quite the contrast
As you kneel at my feet, begging for me

Relief finally arrives
When I force myself between your lips
And own your mouth, making it my fuck toy

Conflicted now, you immediately realize
That this is just the beginning
That you are no longer your own

As I fill you with my cum
Your body begins to shake at its release
And I haven’t even touched you yet

You hear the directive
And do just as I say
Swallowing it all then enthusiastically worshiping my cock

Your ass is being pummeled from the very first swing
The searing pain is an utter shock to your system
But soon the sordid suffering turns euphoric

You think for a moment
How you don’t want to be controlled, you don’t want to be enslaved
Then smile as you grasp the reality
That in your confinement you have finally been set free