Sex O'clock

By crazydiamond

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Tick tock, don't stop!
12:00 A.M. you wandered in, looking to go to bed
But I had naughtier plans than that, swimming in my head

12:01 your shirt was gone, I knew you‘d not yet rest
I want to feel the weight of you, pressing on my chest

12:03 you slide next to me
And begin to fluff your pillow

12:04 I reached in the drawer
To fetch my favourite dildo

12:06 you closed your eyes, thinking you’d soon snore
I was peeling off my knickers, kicking them to the floor

12:08 it’s not that late,
I reach out and take your cock

12:09 hard cock is mine
I make it sex o’clock

12:11 I’m in heaven
You’re teasing me, oh! so well

12:13 you’re circling the bean
And it begins to swell

12:14 I spin around
My legs spread over your hips

12:15 your fingers glide
Up and down wet pussy lips

12:17 I’m fucking keen
Dildo and I are one

12:21 this game has begun
Good god, I want to cum

12:24 you up the score
Your cock pushed against my bum

12:28 don’t hesitate, take me at your will

12:31 the time has come
Both holes are stretched and full

12:33 deep inside me
I feel your hot cum spill

12:35 my tongue’s alive
I suck, I clean your cock

12:38 it’s getting late
I make it sex o’clock

12:39 is the time
You slide down between my thighs

12:41 tongue deep in cunt
Lust now fills in my eyes

12:43 tongue teasing me
My god, you love the taste

12:48 I’m in a state
I grind, I fuck your face

12:51 you slow your tongue
And state this is no race

1:00 A.M. you make me beg
Then you quicken up the pace

1:01 you make me cum
I orgasm on your face

1:03 I light a ciggy
My god, man that was ace

1:04 you want more
My hip can feel your wood

1:06 this time it’s quick
Fast, hard and oh! so good

1:09 it’s about time
You fuck me like you should

1:12 A.M. this is the end
We tense and we both peak

1:13 together we cream
Finally sated, we fall to sleep