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Sexual Insanity

My sexual insanity.

I get many compliments on the stories I write.
So many think I have such sexual insight.
Little do they know my mind is a big giant maze.
I just draw from past experiences, pull them out of the haze.

Illustrating all my naughty deeds that’s what makes me happy.
I’ll throw in lots of love poems and they might get pretty sappy.
Don’t ever pay attention to all my many crazy emotions.
They are caused by raging hormones that are deeper than the oceans.

Most often I am always much hornier than not.
Though a ton of men chase me I don’t want what they’ve got.
The cravings and urges I have all day long.
Keep getting worse and worse and all seem so wrong.

I even asked the doctor for some kind of a pill.
Something to calm me down make me stop feeling ill.
I think there is only one cure to be made.
It will take using and abusing my sexiest slave.

Take all my frustrations out on a hot man.
Do unimaginable things to him that is my plan.
Take his whole body straight over the edge.
Make him shake with strong orgasms that is my pledge.

Tie him up and swallow his cock.
Then maybe this frustration I can unblock.
I think it will take sucking up all of his cum.
Then on his ass with my riding crop I will drum.

How I love to hear him scream and see him wince.
I will put him on a torturous pedestal my little slave prince.
Make him do every single thing just the way that I want.
A little strip tease with his sexy ass he will flaunt.

He has been very naughty and does not obey.
I wonder why I want him but my conviction won’t sway.
I think he has just made a little offering of peace.
Because he won’t find another Mistress like me in the least.

I don’t mind waiting for him to come around.
As satisfaction like his simply can’t be found.
He need not worry he has total freedom with me.
He can always come and go as he should please.

All these insane hormones keep spinning around.
I keep searching and searching but relief can’t be found.
Unfortunately I know exactly where my relief is.
But trying to figure him out is an impossible quiz.

With my words I will control his body and mind.
A sweeter seduction he will never find.
He had best be careful and better beware.
All my insane desires may cause him a scare.

Just relax and breath deep it will all be just fine.
As long as you realize I own you, you are all mine!

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Copyright © It is forbidden to reproduce any of this material without express permission from Bunny12 the slut who wrote all this crap!

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