Shy Girl Gone

By ShyVixen

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Tags: sexual release, hidden desires, kinks, playful

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Releasing my inner Shy and exploring my inner Vixen!

An escape from reality you provide me with pleasure,
To be creative and explore my sexual treasures

Breaking all the rules, allowing me to be me,
Craving to set my naughty alter ego free

With a once vulnerable and nervous laugh,
I’m now willing and eager to set my own path

I’m not the girl I once was, no hesitations no doubts,
Ready to bare my other side, reveal my kinks I have nothing to hide

Like a wild mare thrashing in heat,
I’m desperate and wild for a sexual release

Leaving me breathless with an aching need,
Hot and bothered, weak at the knees

Blood goes coursing through my veins,
With moisture building between my legs

A constant high I cannot escape,
I’m constantly aroused and soaking wet

I’ve ignored the signs, I’ve ached so much,
Spreading my legs, I begin to touch

Fingers buried deep inside,
Stroking, rubbing, I grab my vibe

Riding it out like a rough wave,
My body shudders, I begin to shake

My mind wanders with dirty thoughts,
Invading my soul, challenging my heart

Strap-ons, reluctance, anal and rimming,
My deep, dark secrets I've always kept hidden

I ache to reveal the Vixen within,
To dominate my demons and sexual sins

Passions fuelled by my blazing needs,
Insatiable desires overcome me

On my knees, or against the wall,
Fuck me, tease me, offer it all

I need your release, dominate my mind,
Take my hands, wrap them, tie them, spank my behind

My layers unravelling, my guard is down,
I'm bewildered and delighted at what I’ve found

Good-bye “Shy Girl” you will not be missed,
I'm eager to embrace my new sexual bliss!