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Slave Boy

Adrenalin rushing through my veins;
Something is familiar but is not the same.

A lust, a desire that burns flesh and bone;
Buried deep inside I am never alone.

Feeling the texture of your skin;
Relax, open up and let me in.

Your sweet spot I soon will find;
Do things to you that will blow your mind.

Addicted you are to the sound of my voice;
As I moan in your ear you’ve made your choice.

To be my sex slave the one that I need;
You are a good boy and follow my lead.

Down on your knees where you look so cute;
Worship me baby and lick my black boots.

Work your way up the inside of my thighs;
Kissing and nibbling all the way to your prize.

With your tongue gently part my smooth lips;
Of my sweet nectar you will love to sip.

Snake it inside my hungry tight cunt;
As I cum on your face I let out a grunt.

Fingers tightly entwined in your soft hair;
Holding your head I keep your mouth right there.

Grinding my hot pussy all over your face;
You lick up my juices and don’t leave a trace.

Before you get what you really need;
It is my pussy you are going to feed.

With your steel hard cock I want every inch;
Give it to me hard baby while your nipples I pinch.

Pounding me hard I clamp down on your cock;
Screaming as I cum on it, “Now don’t you stop!”

You feel my tight pussy milking your hard rod;
I say “Don’t cum yet” you groan “Oh my god.”

Your balls are rising up like you want to cum;
I give them a smack and ask “Do you want some?”

You know exactly what I really mean;
Because I am your sexy ass fucking queen.

Taking a step back I put my harness on;
It is staring you in the face, my strap on dong.

You know what to do my nasty slave boy;
Suck my cock like its real, like it’s not a toy.

My hands hold your head while I fuck your face;
Thrusting hard over and over like I am in a race.

Watching my cock pass over your lips turns me on;
Makes me want to fuck your sexy ass all night long.

Be a good little slave boy and lay down on your back;
Legs on my shoulders running my cock up your ass crack.

I want your virginity, I own you, it’s mine;
Penetrating your ring I love to cross that line.

Feel every ridge tantalizing your hole;
Don’t cum yet bitch, show some self-control.

You ask permission when you want to cum;
It is the price you pay for having such fun.

Feeling your ass spasm on my strap on dick;
I am stretching your hole with my thick prick.

You’re having orgasms without shooting your load;
Moaning so loud as your pre-cum copiously flows.

Prostate stimulation is just driving you mad;
It is the one thing that you always wanted so bad.

You start to shake, you can’t hold on;
So I fuck you harder with all of my brawn.

Stroking your cock I say “Baby cum now!”
You shoot a huge load as your ass I plow.

All your hot spunk running down my hand;
I feed you your load, you are my perfect man.

I keep my strap on buried firmly in your rump;
The juice runs down my thighs from my slick cunt.

Teasing and rubbing your sensitive head;
As your body twitches all over the bed.

Withdrawing my cock I lean down and suck yours;
You gasp and exclaim “Oh my lord!”

I suck you dry every single last drop;
Look you in the eye and come to a full stop.

Then give your lips a deep kiss so that you see;
You are the slave boy that means so much to me.

Submit to me I will make your dreams come true;
I’m your salacious Mistress who lusts after you.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © It is forbidden to reproduce any of this material without express permission from Bunny12 the slut who wrote all this crap!

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