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Sneak Attack

Making my submissive lovers dream come true...

Turn the key, unlock the lock, quiet as a mouse;
You in bed, sound asleep, as I sneak into your house.

You gave me a key because you want it to be a total surprise;
To wake you up from your deep sleep, climbing in between your thighs.

Planting little sweet wet kisses from your knees up to your balls;
You groan and rustle, then open your eyes to the prettiest sight of all.

In the soft morning light your tired eyes try to adjust;
As you watch my lush pink lips giving you kisses filled with lust.

Stick out my tongue and run it up the back of your growing shaft;
The look on your face is mesmerized as I give out an evil laugh.

Tie your wrists securely with my silk rope to the posts of your bed;
Slip a blindfold over your eyes, the last thing you see is the top of my head.

Going down on your big dick that is standing up straight and tall;
For you my sexy, young, stud muffin I’m going to give it to you all.

Straddle your chest and lower my pussy right above your face;
While stroking your cock and rubbing your balls I ask “Do you want a taste?”

You mumble what sounds like a yes and I say “Bitch speak up!”
“If you want it, beg for that pussy, just like a little horny slut!”

“Please I want it” you try to say as my pussy envelops your face;
Feeling your tongue lapping at my clit, I cum all over the place!

My juices dripping down your chin I listen to you breathe;
Riding your face with my pussy, I know what you really need.

Grinding down on your mouth as I swallow your hard cock;
I yell “Fuck my hole with your tongue and don’t you dare stop!”

Your goatee tickles my smooth pussy lips as you try to get some air;
Your sexy body is under my control, I can’t help but stare.

Survey the landscape and decide what I’m going to do to you next;
Lots of things to choose from in my bag of tricks and they are all rated X.

I climb off your face and circle my prey watching your muscles flex;
No matter what I choose to do I know you will never object!

Your body it trembles from my touch, droplets of sweat form on your brow;
Clamps on your nipples, cock ring in place, baby I want your ass right now!

Your legs held high in the air as I place a pillow under your low back;
I’m stepping into my favorite harness with my vibrating cock that is black.

I walk up to the edge of the bed and turn your head to the side;
Into your willing open mouth my strap on black cock I slide.

Holding your head in my hands as I thrust my hips too and throw;
Fucking your mouth really turns me on, down my legs my juices flow.

Kinky boy I know what you want as I dress you up as my bitch;
Thigh high stockings all silky feeling, our typical roles we will switch.

Laying there naked and helpless straining against my ropes;
I tease your hole spreading that lube while your balls I grope.

You can’t stay still, you start to squirm, as my fingers massage your prostate;
Your ass is so hungry it swallows them up, it wants fucked and it doesn’t want to wait!

Moan for me my sexy stud muffin I want to hear you make some noise;
As my strap on cock penetrates your ass I say “Aren’t you a lucky boy!”

“Yes ma’am I am, please give it to me hard” you say with a grin on your lips;
I don’t need any encouragement to fuck you good, with force I thrust my hips.

Holding you tight with my cock completely buried in your tight ass;
I flip the switch and turn the vibrator on, the shock of it makes you gasp.

Your legs in the air with me fucking you in a missionary style;
Feeling your ass gripping my cock the resistance makes me smile.

I untie your arms and scoot your ass all the way to the edge of the bed;
Your legs on my shoulders, your shaft in my hand, the head of your cock is red.

All at once with one big thrust I fill your ass up all the way to the brim;
Then pull the chain on your nipple clamps so deftly pinching your skin.

Slow and deep I fuck your ass giving you exactly what you need;
Your cock is dripping all over the place, I’m going to make you spill your seed.

Picking up the pace I fuck you harder and deeper than before;
Then remove your nipple clamps, you’ve had as much as you can endure.

As the blood rushes back into those little pink nubs;
I pound your ass, stroke your cock and your balls I rub.

I can’t take it anymore, fucking you just drives me wild;
Get ready stud it’s time to cum and you know it won’t be mild.

My pussy explodes from the vibrations of my cock that’s ramming your ass;
I am going to coax all the hot cum out of you and I’m going to make it last!

Your throbbing cock twitches in my hand as your orgasm begins;
One rope of cum and then another lands all over your sexy skin.

Cumming together feels so good, shivers right down our spines;
Sexy stud muffin give me your ass, you know I think it’s so fine!

When he stops shaking and I withdraw time to suck his cock;
If he tries to protest at all, anything he does I’ll block.

Take his sensitive penis and tease it with my warm lips;
Suck it all the way into my mouth and tongue it until he flips!

When I’ve had my fill and he just can’t take anymore pleasure;
I whisper in his ear “My stud muffin next time will be even better…”
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © It is forbidden to reproduce any of this material without express permission from Bunny12 the slut who wrote all this crap!

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