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Snow Shower

Winter wind biting my face
My work gloves doing little to stop the cold
After an hour of shoveling snow, I surrender.
I see you watching me through the window.
I wave and lose my balance, falling in a two foot drift.

You rush to me. Helping me up. Brushing the snow from my coat.
Helping in the house. Ushering me in front of the blazing fire.
"You're chilled to the bone," you say.
You help me off with my jacket and snow pants.
Teeth chattering. Trying to get the feeling back in my fingers and toes
You hold me close.

You kiss my face. Little wet kisses.
Trying to warm me. Trying to make me smile.
You succeed as always. Making me grin. Warming my skin.
You walk me to the shower. Starting the water.
Making it hot.
I start to take off my longjohns, but you stop me.

You smile and drop to your knees.
You pull my pants down while looking up into my eyes.
Looking up. Never losing eye contact.
I step out of the longjohns and take off my shirt.
My body red like a lobster just out of a scalding pot.
You fondle my balls through my boxers causing quite an effect
Increasing blood flow.
I shift my stance, anticipating your next move.
You pull my boxers down and my cock pops free.

You take me into your velvety mouth.
Sucking me deeply. Caressing my testicles.
Making me moan. My hips thrusting involuntarily.
My fingertips brushing through your hair.
Knowing I won't last long in your sexy mouth.

You finish me off quickly.
Not losing a single drop.
My legs are weak but my body is coursing with waves of warmth.
"To be continued," I say as I step into the shower.

The bathroom is filled with steam.
The cascading water raining down on my sore muscles.
The shower door opens.
You stand naked, smiling with your fingers naughtily teasing your clit.

"To be continued now," you say.
You step in. We embrace.
Kissing hungrily. Tongues entwined. Moaning loudly.
Hands groping. Searching. Wanting.

You lift you leg up on my hip.
Your hips sinking into me.
My cock easily slides inside you.
I push you back against the tiled wall of the shower.
Your bare ass making contact with the wall as we match each other,
Thrust for thrust.
Anxious to take you to your first climax.

It rips through both of us.
Waves rippling through our bodies.
Clinging to each other. Never wanting the feeling to subside.

After some kissing and recovery and a quick towel off,
We slip into bed. The bedroom window curtains wide open
Snow showers cascading down.

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