So Tell Me, Are You Seducible Tonight?

By Bad_4You

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Tags: love poem, seduction, reluctance, taking control, oral, swallowing

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Sometimes you just need a little bit of a push...
I pose that very question
But there’s just a blank stare in response
You really don’t feel like it
You’re just too damn tired to play

The mere challenge of the ‘no’ excites me
But the prize that awaits does even more so
So I wrap my arms around your waist
And pull your body close

Your bottom presses against my hardness
As I lift your hair from your neck
I nuzzle you close
And cover your neck with tender kisses

You still seem distant, disinterested
There’s not a green light on the horizon
Even as my hand slides beneath your blouse
And glides over your taut belly

“I want you”, I say
And suck your earlobe into my mouth
As my teeth tenderly sink into it
My hands caress your bra-covered breasts

I sense a bit of a turn
As a quiet sigh escapes your lips
And the nipples beneath the sexy lace
Grow hard in my hands

Did you just push your ass into my cock? I wonder
Your movement was quite subtle
My right hand slides down inside the front of your pants
And aims toward your panties

You offer no resistance
As my fingers snake under the fabric
And it is there that I find
The evidence of hidden desire

In a moment’s time
Your top is off and I’m down on my knees
Looking up into your beautiful eyes
As I peel the last remnant down your body with my teeth

“I want you,” I repeat again
And you stare down at me, just waiting for me to engage
I move up your legs
And now I can see the dew on your moistened folds

The hands on your ankles make you widen your stance
And as I rise you’re watching me intently
My eyes are closed as I lap at your delicious treasure for the first time
I hear a moan pass your lips as you gather my hair in your hands

Now it’s you who wants something
I feel the urgency as you pull me ever closer
You gasp when my fingers finally invade your body
Within minutes you release your appreciation straight into my mouth

I pick you up, laying you back on the bed
You take hold of my cock, placing it at your dripping door
You smile contently; as I bury myself deep inside you moan into my ear
“I’m glad you don’t take ‘no’ for an answer...”