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So You Tell Me

So You Tell Me

Tags: love poem
You tell me what it's all about,
Because I don't have a clue.
I doubt I ever will even if I try and try. 
And I don't expect
That I will make the effort, 
You know.

So just let it go, 
And I will let it go too,
And both of us can move on with our lives.

See it doesn't mean a damned thing to me,
But I know it may to you, 
So I will attempt
To give it one more go, 
If that is what you want.

So just tell me please, 
Is that what you want,
Because if it is I am willing to give it another try,

Or so I say, 
But am I lying, 
Or are you.

Lies and lies and more lies, 

From you and me,
While we circle around the real subject 
That is on our minds. 

The one we don't speak
Of anymore, 
Because it hurts too much, 

And the pain is more than I can take, 
And more than you can take. 
I know because of all your tears.
They come often now 
Like they never did 
Before the change that came over you,
And over me too. 

We both changed for some reason
I can never understand, 
But I still want to know
If you care at all.

Do you care at all. 
Do you care.
Because I still do, I do and I can't help it, 
I do.

But your touch is so damned soothing to me
That I will always give in, 
Like it never happened.
But it did,
And it will, 
And I know you will always
Remember the things I said.

And I will always
Remember the things you said. 
And can we forget
Those things, 
And forgive, 
And forget once more.

Rocking you back and forth, 
I caress you. 
The way I used to do 

In the long ago times
When love was young, 
And free, 
And soaring.

I know it can again. 
You know it can again.
It will once more 
If only you let it, 
And I do.

But will we ever know 
What it was all about.

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