Some Day

By Saga

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Tags: desire, want, patience, friendship, kiss, caress, honesty

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Your gentle touch,
So pure and true,
Is not tainted or rushed.
These soft caresses and simmering desires,
I can see it all in your eyes

Your patience, never ending,
Is so soothing and complete;
I know you wait for me,
Never pushing or rushing.

You caress my skin
And kiss my soft lips;
You tell me you dreams
And share your secrets.

You see the real me
When you look into my eyes.
You want to get lost in them,
Never to be found.

Here is the line I have drawn.
You step slightly closer,
Then quickly pull back,
And you do not leave me frightened.

You hold my hand
And take me to bed;
You kiss my forehead
And touch my hair.

You whisper goodnight
And wish for sweet dreams;
You tuck me in gently,
And then leave me be.

I hear your quiet breathing
As you watch me fall asleep.
I hear your heart beating
As you whisper this to me:

"I will wait until you are ready, I will wait for my 'Some Day'. "