Someone Near

By MoonlightSerenity

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Tags: lonely, wanting, waiting, alone

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Such a cold day,

I wish I could snuggle,

Into someone dear,

To keep me warm,

And to shelter me.

But no-one dear,

Is near,

I feel so lonely,

I wish I could find,

That one person.

The one who would,

look after me no mater what.

The one who would,

keep me close,

keep me warm,

And always keep me close,

To their heart.

I wonder if there is,

Someone in the world,

Like that for me.

Could I be so lucky?

To have someone,

Such as that?

Someone to keep me close,

Someone to keep me happy,

Someone to love.....

Will I every find someone like that?

Or am I doomed to live like this forever?