Sonnnets to the Vast Unknown

By Sisyphus

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Tags: awareness, dreams, unknown

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acceptance of life's mystery and the vast unknown

Even in this bright and silent sunlight

giving me another day to breath and see

another dawn, another noon and night,

another chance to wonder what will be

and question all that comes into my mind

and ponder what I’m doing here today,

looking at the sky as if up there I’ll find

some meaning, some answer, something I can say

with any certainty what lies around the bend.

And then I think of you so far away

wondering too where all of this will end,

not knowing what will pass and what will stay,

both trying hard to face the vast unknown,

and so I walk and kick away a stone.

Sometimes, at night, I look up at the moon,

the silent moon, delighting in its light,

glad to have this chance and not assume

I’ll have another chance, another night.

That’s how I want to live, that’s what I choose,

that’s what I want to say and hope you’ll hear

me say today is all we have to lose,

that’s why I think the present is so dear.

Yesterday is gone and gave me happiness

and memories I will always have and cherish.

Please, don’t snicker at my sappiness.

I know how suddenly dreams can perish,

and though I’m a dreamer and will always be,

I want to hold you now and see what we shall see.