Soulful Dreamer

By AllieMac

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Tags: Love, Needing, Redemption

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Never mind me
I am such a soulful dreamer
Often I make more than there is
Building my castles so much bigger
Than I’ve ever been able
To live within

Baby, I paint with such broad strokes
This color wheel of mine
Has been mixed so often
Can’t tell my white from my grey

I am not made of the common things
You find so often in another
My insides come apart different
They’re never neat, clean, edges
I am so jagged
So fragile in my existence

This cover seems so thick under the moonlight
So pristine in its shelter
But it’s deceiving
In all of its painful rebuffing
It ‘s just my preferred hiding

Away from the rays of light
Betraying my see through covering
I am fragile, so easily broken
All of these scars
Are the records I keep
Of the steps I’ve fallen on

So many lessons learned
Too many broken ideals
Falling at my feet
Leaving me lingering
In the contents of my mind

Would love to bring you inside
So you could taste my nectar
Breathe in my atmosphere
Becoming a piece of this tapestry
I walk around with
Lying right underneath

All of this woman before you
This grown adult I’ve become
It’s so underneath, undercover
More than the me, you see