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Whispers waft through a tepid summer air.
 A laugh, a splash, the muffled sounds of tongue greeting tongue,
 And body yielding to body.
 The dark of night defiantly affronted with brash yellow glow,
 The illumination of a street lamp threatening to reveal two lovers
 As they connect in the cool, clear effervescence of their haven
 For now.

Shimmering of pool water glowing
Over an ever-changing luminescence,
Their bodies leave shadows that dance along
The floor of their own private ocean.
 His breath on her neck, a tempestuous new acquaintance,
Giving birth to desires she long thought were dead.
His nimble hands yaw and pitch along every throbbing inch of her skin
Like a caterpillar crawling along the leaf it devours,
Searching for warmth;
Searching for home.

She pulls him close, and wraps her legs tightly around him.
She belongs to him, and this he now knows.
If only for this moment, if only for this night,
He cherishes what he has, and wishes for time to yield and slow.
But it never waits.
He closes his eyes to capture the scene in his memory,
Hoping to keep it, forever, alive
While the electricity of her touch creeps up his spine
To remind him he is only here 
For a while.

Soft push of lip to shoulder
As he claims what he owns.
His essence drawing closer as she pulls him in to her,
Into the constricting vacuum of all that affirms her desire.
She is warm, she is comforting,
She is even enthralled,
And his body writhes in pleasure as she begs to him.
The grit of cement wall tears at her bare back,
Its sting then washed clean with each recoil of his thrust.
The pain will provide a reminder of this moment
Each time she reclines in her chair, or her bed.
Her mind will slip into a sensual void
Where only they exist,
And only they share
This same moment, once again,
In the infinite burning of fire in their minds.

Their eyes meet again and, for a moment, she is helpless;
This woman, born stoic, melts under his gaze.
He can sense it; it’s a surrender
Unlike any he’s ever considered,
And knowing she has allowed it drives him further to the edge.
He takes her fully, like a crazed animal,
As he stares deep into her soul and floods it with longing,
A moment where everything else disappears
Except her eyes, his eyes, her body and his;
And they both wonder if they will ever relive this moment.
They both wonder if they’ll ever
Experience this again.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © © KLM 2012

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