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Strippers Booth: Part Three

a blinding fuck


Readers should read parts one and two to enjoy the continuing story

I crept away from Chloe's house
Through her gate quite as a mouse

My body tired still feeling a tingle
Straight to the club where I could mingle
Ten strippers there but not the same
Mesmerized by Chloe could they blame? 

Blame me for being a choosy guy
Each time they asked as they passed by

"You sure you don't want a private dance?"
"No thanks, I think I'm still in a trance"

This afternoon with Chloe at her flat
She's on my mind can't wait to chat

"Are you sure young man I'll make it good"

I look at her and think perhaps she should;

"If my favorite doesn't work today"
Told her nicely to keep her at bay

Must keep an eye on the stage
Hoping Choe appears in the cage?

To pass the time have another drink,
Sitting in my chair I can't just think

Of another girl who catches my eye
Who's best in the club that will satisfy?

An urge to stroke my dick and see
Some lovely tits a soft bum on me

A hard looking girl an attractive face
She's Puerto Rican or mixed race

In the dark it's hard to see
Her breasts look good enough for me

"Come on lets go I'm here for you
I'll dance three times the price of two"

I say "In private if you dont mind"
"Thats all right I'm sure we'll find

A booth for you that you will like"
I'm hoping she's not the local bike

Two dances gone and the music flows
Her back to me touching her toes

She does the splits on the ground
I sure her pussy made a funny sound

Gets up quick and stands in front
Gives my a view of her wet cunt

Circling moving above my lap
"Hands off darling:" all that crap

My cock pops up as she presses down
On my lap she's going to town

The difference is she's hard as nails
It's better than nothing and if that fails

I'll pay up again when Chloe comes
Enjoy these tits just like two big plums 

It's not the same as Chloe's shape
I see the stretch marks covered with tape

Time is up and its time to pay
Got a hard on and she's nothing to say 

Back to the stage and hoping that
A change of shift maybe a different chat

From new girls who just walk around
Slide around poles from ceiling to ground 

Opening legs and pussies to see
Are they doing this just for me?

When one looks to me and says "Come here honey,"
That's a signal she wants my money

Her fingers pull open her creamy crack
Could definitely get her in the sack

Ten dollars I slide into her thong
Taps my hand, "You can't stay there long."

She has lovely tits and nice long legs
But has a face that looks and begs 

No real feeling and I'm not a bank
Into the booth I need to wank

I get up and move towards the door
And would you believe across the floor

Strides Chloe who says "Where are you going?"
Into the booth my juices are flowing

"Come on Mike let's just go in
No hands must touch me there within"

Her face her body her warmth her touch
That afternoon I filled her crutch

"Just sit back down on the chair"
She moved around, she revealed her pair

Amazing tits I can only gasp
Hand round her back undoes her clasp

Tits in her hands she holds together
Sits on a chair its dark green leather

Lays back and opens her knees 
Her fingers rubbing her clit to tease

Her eyes on me tongue on her lip
Whispers to me, "Pull down your zip "

My cock pops out, she stands up straight
Dancing again I cannot wait

She turns around bum in my face
Her hands just pull away the lace

She looks at the camera sits on my lap
My cock slides into her honey trap

"When I get up close up your zip
Make sure it's closed and then you can tip"

Up and down she moves her hips
My cock in hot juices it easily slips

"I'm coming,"she whispers, "just be quick."
My spunk it shoots I know it's thick

"That felt nice how much to pay
One hundred will do and I want you to stay" 

"Zip up quick and come to the bar
The boss won't know we went so far "

We move to the bar I order a drink
Standing there I begin to think 

Theres the boss with his TV screen
I wonder if he knows he s just seen

A blinding fuck without him knowing
I smile at him and tell him I'm going

To the bank I need more cash
Tell Chloe, "I'll be five minutes I must dash"

An expensive day but well worth the money
Love Chloe's pussy that tastes like honey

To be contined.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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