Strippers Booth

By mickeyfinn1

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a fuck in private I see you standing there 

In my booth you stripping bare 

You turn around your pubic hair 

I cannot fail but just blush and stare 

Your sensual movements in front of me 

You touch your toes your clit to see 

You waggle your bum I think I might 

Fuck your pussy it looks so tight 

My arms around you for the night 

I'll squeeze your breasts and twist your nipple 

Take another gulp of my favorite tipple 

I let me hands slide down below 

I slide my hands down to your toe 

Up your leg past calf and thigh 

My trousers bulging..cock to the sky 

I find your pussy my fingers in 

I hear you moan.push them deeper in 

I twist and turn I finger fuck 

Your move around begin to buck 

Your release my cock, lick and suck 

Your times up now..on what the fuck!