Stuck In My Mind

By Bunny12

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Why is it I see your face in so many buff guys I see?
It’s just a constant depressing reminder of all the lost possibilities.

I wish I had a magic pill that would get you out of my head.
But I don’t want to lose those cherished memories.
Losing them is what I truly dread.

I know I will eventually stop thinking about you.
It makes me sad to think that to me you could not be true.

You can never ever be replaced.
As you are so very special.
I like to remember that at first it was me that you chased.

Now when I see a hot guy with his little boy.
It makes me think what you have in store now that you are not my toy.

These feelings I have for you they are very vexed.
I want you so, but want to let go.
I hate this mess it is all so very complex.

The way we ended things I thought was very cruel.
I made the mistake of needing you and now feel like a fool.

Foolish yes I am, no matter what may be.
I never close the door on you.
I give you the benefit of the doubt and play let’s wait and see.

I don’t think this time around there is any need to wait.
You future is sealed and it seems to me you have accepted your fate.

Still in the deep, dark back of my mind.
I’m scared for you if my dream comes true.
If you should need me for anything I will always be kind.

Now to do something to try to clear my head.
Stop wondering if you really meant anything that you said.