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You tell me so much without a single word
I like subtlety.

Your last email made it clear
That you are not a fan of

Too soon, too fast,
Take things slow,
And yet your other words,
Made it abundantly clear,
That you don't care for my
Brand of

You've made it clear what you want.

I knock on your door,
And you answer it,
The first time we have seen each other
Face to face.
Before you were only a series of words
On a brightly lit screen in the early hours
Of the morning.

You answer the door,
You are naked,
And you pull me in to your apartment,
And in a minute,
You have me naked.

You lead me by the hand
To the sofa in your living room,
And you lean over the armrest,
Your ass facing toward me
And your hands reaching behind you,
Spreading yourself open,
Inviting me
Without any words.

No subtlety.

I move forward and thrust into you,
No subtlety as I begin to
Fuck you hard,
Fuck you fast,
Fuck you as your tits sway below you,
Bent over the sofa,
As my cock fills your wet pussy.

No subtlety.

I fuck you until you climax,
I fuck you until I climax,
And up to that point,
Not a single word has been spoken
Between us.

In truth, we have only ever
Spoken by the written word,
Not even a phone call,
And here I stand,
My cock still hard in your pussy,
Surrounded by the soft and wet pink walls,
Lubricated by both of our climaxes,
And I have never heard your voice.

The silence is punctuated
Only by your breathing,
You pull off of my cock and turn around
And take me in your mouth,
Sucking me, licking me,
Tasting all of the mixtures of
Our pleasure.

No words.
But I hear you very clearly.
You don't want my poetry,
You don't want my sensitivity,
You don't want my subtlety,
You simply want my cock.
You simply want to fuck.


You say so much with only your eyes,
Your wetness,
Your erect nipples begging to be sucked and licked.
You say so much with an ass spread out for me,
With a mouth surrounding my hardness.

You say so much without a single word,
Fucking without speaking.

I climax again, in your mouth,
You swallow me and then you lie down
On the sofa, spreading your legs,
And motioning for me to eat you.

No words.
But I understand what you want.

No subtlety.
Just a clear message without embellishment.

Fuck me.
Let me fuck you.
No words.
Just a cock, a pussy,
Two mouths
And hands.
Maybe an ass, although not today.

No subtlety.

Maybe I don't like subtlety after all.
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