Suffocated By Your Love

By Babygurrl91

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Tags: Doggy, Cowgirl, Love, Marriage

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How I feel about you
Hands grabbing each others' bodies,
like we never met each other before
Graciously kissing,
Faster and faster

Suffocated by your love
I'm obsessing more
More than anything in the world

We fight, We run
But we both know
We will both will come back
Because our love is so powerful

Clothes are thrown all over the place
To the bedroom
As our bodies are naked
To take to the bedroom

As the breathing increases
You put me on the bed
You get on top
As we kiss more and more
Our hands are unwound
To each others' bodies

As we meet each others' eyes
We want more
You put your cock in me

I am poisoned by your love
More and more; it's like a drug

Screaming "Harder" and "More"
As we are making love
You turn me around
I'm on my hands and knees
My favorite position ever
We continue harder and faster
As you and I cum
We are exhausted

I am suffocated by your love
You're my addiction
You are the meaning of my life