Sum of Her Parts

By Warlock

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Tags: fantasy, sexuality, sensuality

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Laughing at lust
Her nails raked across my back,

In a delicious orgasm of pain.

Her hands like claws continued attack,

Pulling me closer again and again.

Her mouth held mine in a full lip grip,

While her tongue it toyed with mine.

In full arousal I begin to slowly drip,

As her hips arch to mine and grind.

Her legs wrap my body and pull me tight,

Her thighs squeeze me into place.

While her breasts are swollen and block my sight,

As they dangle above me and cover my face.

I feel her groin accepting my rod,

Full penetration is eight inches away.

She drops her weight and yells “Oh my God!!”

You can bet your ass I rocked her world that day.

So if you think her parts don’t talk to each other,

You might want to guess again my friend.

There’s only one part of us that’s worth a bother,

And her parts always win in the end……