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Just a message for him while he's all alone...


I think the sun's setting,

It's long past nine o' clock.

Are you good at betting?

Time is going tick tock.

They say it's like a rock,

Just a ball of matter

But did I see it knock

On the door or scatter,

I think it's the latter,

Time is passing us by,

It doesn't even matter,

If it does sink or fly.

If asked would maybe lie,

Maybe say it's going round,

Too scared to say Good Bye,

If truth be found abound.

The sun is sleeping sound.

But we are still awake,

Gone is the matter mound,

There's something we can make.

The sun is going to wake,

But not just yet for sure,

We might have time to bake,

Or do something less pure.

Do you think I'm demure?

Some do, but the sun's down.

Me and you together,

King and queen, here's the crown.

Do you want to go down?

On me I'll tie you down.

In me you still can drown,

'Fore sunrise comes to town.