By Delphi

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Soaring upon your thrusts,
Clinging to your whispers,
My whimpers tangle in moans.

I scream.

Clutching your back,
Colliding with sweat,
I arc against you
And take flight.

Speeding into darkness
Hooking onto shadows
Severing should haves
And should nots
Gasping, groaning

Fingers claw my heated flesh
Strident growls
Drug my mind

Pleading in a hundred tongues

You shove deep.

My chasm floods,
Milking your erupting shaft
Begging for every drop
Writhing to have it all

I tremble against the storm
Clutching your body
Gripping your spent cock
Surviving between silences
And pulses of warmth

Your lashes kiss my cheek
Your lips brush my ear

A stuttered exhale
“I love you.”

My eyes close
Drift into oblivion
Forever broken
Upon the altar of your faith
In the recesses of your soul
Existing only in hitches
Of shredded breath.

A fractured whisper,
A truth better left untold.

Reality doesn’t fit this hunger
Love doesn’t fit the feeling
And if I never knew transcendence
I do now here
Immersed in your scent
Inhaled in your breath
Lined with your skin


Your lips revive
My wasted mouth
Propel my heart
To beat again

I slip inside invisible walls,
Feather upon wisps of hope,
Balance on a razor of chance

Open my eyes
To your smile

And pray to live this life