Sweet Serenade

By LittleSister_

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Sweet serenade of my heart

Like heated lips on the skin of my thigh

Those brassy tones all soft and mellow

Tender music of my lost soul

Reaching out from the past

To touch me on the morrow.

Sweet notes that cascade and fall,

And tumble

Across my dreaming flesh like

A soft caress

That fills the void inside of

That loving heart of yesterday.

How my spirit aches in the present

Longing for that tremor of sound

That sigh

That soft, slow breath

Emptied into the universe

And heard as a flutter of silken wings

Against the sky

And seen in the flash of sunlight

Through that single, lonely rain drop.

That silent symphony of sound

Known, always known

But unheard

That sad music of longing and want

Of need...

Of forgotten wishes that have long been whispered

And set free to roam the earth.

Would that Karma had an ear for such sad music

Would that she understood and took

That softer line...

But fate is a bitch

With a magnifying glass

Cruel and distant and deaf

To the sweet serenade

Of my heart...