Sweetly, Tenderly Love Me!

By Phaypi

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A poem of longing.
 Sweetly, tenderly love me!
 Throw thy strong arms around me, 
 Hug me in thy warm embrace, 
 Let me be your hidden key.

 Softly, gently please love me! 
 Press your lips against my own, 
 Like spring seeds our love be sown, 
 Bud and grow delicately.

 Desperately do love me! 
 Pull me roughly to a kiss, 
 Let your craving hands insist, 
 Roam my body eagerly.

 Strongly, longingly love me! 
 Beg me with eyes to succumb, 
 Give away the maximum, 
 Naked lie for you to see.

 Lightly, soothingly love me! 
 Cover me with kisses slow, 
 Make your way from head to toe, 
 Tease me tantalizingly.

 Patiently discover me! 
 Introduce me to your love, 
 Do not hurt me, do not shove, 
 Show me how this is beauty.

 Lustfully make love to me! 
 Let your love explore my soul, 
 Lovemaking shall take no toll, 
 Happiness we both can feel.

 Roughly, urgently love me! 
 Push into my hot wet hole, 
 With rough instinct animal, 
 Fill me up now, instantly.

 Finally reach bliss with me! 
 Lovers come together we, 
 B’yond each other do not see, 
 So in love we both shall be.

 Sweetly, tenderly love me, 
 Wrap thy gentle arms round me, 
 Hold me in secure embrace, 
 Love me same as I love thee.