T is for Tickle Teasing


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ticklish subject this ealy foreplay

Girls who say they like to tickle
Barefoot boys can be so fickle.
For first they stimulate boys' toes,
But after that, it's anything goes.

Usually, the very first things to go
Are his shirt and pants, you know.
Then she'll pull off his underpants.
The nude boy won't have a chance.

Because then that gal will surely tickle
That bare boy's balls and prick-pickle,
So stiff, hard and standing straight out,
Which sure would tickle my fancy, no doubt.

Tickle Teasing is a flirtatious art
In which kids worldwide take part.
Most adults claim it's good clean fun .
But among ourselves we fool no one.

By tickling a brother, sister or cousin,
We engage in frantic fore-play buzzin' .
By touching and teasing we can control
Our lust-locked playmate, body and soul.

It is the very first Master/submissive game
Which kids play under an innocent name .
With clothes disheveled we call it teasing,
But we know, in fact, it's early sex pleasing.

But now I'm getting all goofy and giddy
Thinking about some boy tickling my titty,
Or reaching below into my cotton knickers
To tickle me best with his finger clit flickers.