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Take You In My Mind

You torment my heart and twist my mind;
With you around, peace I will never find.

Unfulfilled desires, what I haven’t got, as that flame grows red hot.

Wanting something that doesn’t exist;
Words fall on deaf ears even if I insist.

Screaming at the top of my lungs, there is no sound, everything’s quiet no one is around.

Let my mind wander off into fantasyland;
That is where he lives, my fantasy man.

So very perfect, made just for me, at my feet waiting to please.

Pull the ropes tight, secure that bar;
Give up your struggling, you won’t get very far.

More than just your body, restrained by me, even unwilling your mind is seized.

Pinch of the clamp, sting of the plug;
Rethink your actions, don’t be so smug.

Sit on your face, lick my ass, when you breathe you will gasp.

Sweat drips down your firm chest;
Against your tight hole my cock will press.

Fill you up, stretch you out, beg me please when you shout.

Lay you right down in my swing,
Hearing you scream that is my thing.

Lower your eyes, submit everything, time to rework your wiring.

Feel the hardness between your legs;
To get what you need you’ll have to beg.

Listening carefully, hearing you moan, reaching places unbeknown.

Pull that plug out of your hole;
Your entire body I control.

Secure your legs, make it fit right, on display your ass is so tight.

One finger in then probing with two;
Stretching your hole and spreading that lube.

My warm hands all over you, what I’ll do next, you don’t have a clue.

Drinking you in with my eyes,
You’re body so fine, I fixate on your thighs.

What do you want bitch, say it to me, I’ll make you yell like a banshee.

Grabbing your thighs and pulling you near;
As the swing sways I get closer to your rear.

You’re on your back, your cock is like stone, hold on tight you’re about to moan.

Spreading your cheeks that are so very sweet;
I penetrate your ass with my phallic meat.

Don’t stop breathing, your ass is mine, you know you don't want to decline.

Pulling the chains on that swing too and throw;
As I pummel your ass I see your cock grow.

Reaching right out, for what I own, pushing you into the danger zone.

My hips thrust forward as you flinch;
I fill you up with my cock inch by inch.

Teasing that hardness, in my hand, giving you all you can withstand.

I lean down and you feel my lips;
Wrapped around your cock as I thrust my hips.

Scream like a girl, time to get loud, tell me how bad you want your ass plowed.

Ask permission when you need to cum;
Molesting your hot body is so much fun.

Remove those clamps, a rush of blood, throughout your body endorphins flood.

As your ring clenches my strap on;
I whisper in your ear “Slut you better hold on.”

Pick up the pace, you start to quiver, you know exactly what I’m about to deliver.

My pussy is dripping on my two way;
I cum so hard on your ass I spray.

You can’t take it, your body goes stiff, you feel like you’re about to fall off a cliff.

Throbbing and hot you start to beg;
While faster still your ass I peg.

Oh please Mistress, may I cum, watching you squirm is so much fun!

Not yet whore your orgasm is mine;
When I want you to cum I’ll decide the time.

My heart is beating so fast, my mind is a blur, hot cum in your balls is starting to stir.

Shaking all over you’re losing control;
You need to release to just can’t hold.

I step back, put my fingers in you, swallow your cock you don’t know what to do.

I nod my head yes looking you in the eye;
Your cock explodes in my throat and you let out a cry.

My fingers pressing, into your prostate, your orgasm accelerates.

Swirling my tongue all over your head;
Massaging your prostate like kneading bread.

Each time I press into it, your hot river flows, when your balls will be empty only I know.

Jerking all over as you groan;
Into orgasmic ecstasy you are thrown.

You pumped it all out, every last drop, but to your surprise I will not stop.

You taste your cum on my lips;
As I kiss you deep and pinch your nips.

Back in your ass, my strap on balls deep, I’m going to leave you in an exhausted heap.

Fucking your ass and teasing your sensitive head;
Bust another nut bitch or your punishment you’ll dread.

You’re covered in sweat, you have lost all control, any will you have left is about to fold.

You ass is contracting squeezing my fingers so tight;
You’re cummng totally dry with no escape in sight.

I won’t let up, even if you refuse, until your ass is totally used.

Paralyzed from being taken you just can’t move;
Never forget little bitch you get only what I choose.

Body delicious, so very fine, my fantasy man is all in my mind.

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Copyright © It is forbidden to reproduce any of this material without express permission from Bunny12 the slut who wrote all this crap!

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