Taking You

By Sisyphus

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Tags: lust, hunger, passion, wildness, taking

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the taking of a lover

When I touch you with my lonely fingers,

will you know what words can’t say?

When I taste your lips with a kiss that lingers,

and my hungry tongue begins to play,

and you feel my roaming hand caress your breasts,

will you know that I am hunting?

Will know that I’m a man who never rests

until both of us are grunting?

When you feel my starving mouth sucking your nipples

will you know what I am craving?

When you feel my body grinding and the ripples

rippling through you and both of us are raving

in the madness of our rising lust,

and you feel the wildness of my thrusting

and we’re going where we must,

will you give yourself to me with trusting,

and when you feel the coming thunder

of my taking, will you give yourself to the fire

and the power of my plunder?

Will you know I want you screaming higher,

your body trembling, shaking, almost breaking,

urging me to fuck you beyond knowing,

and you are mine for the taking,

that’s when, my love, with our wetness overflowing,

our panting bodies gasping from the burning

and the hunger of our yearning,

we will know the holy wonder of our giving

and the miracle of living.