Tears of His Angel

By Kandikiss51

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If our love is meant to be?
His Angel spoke softly as a lonely tear trickled down her cheek.
“Oh my darling, I miss you, my arms ache wanting to hold you!”

His Angel wiped away another tear then blew him a lover’s kiss
“My lips beg to kiss you and light then fire of love I have for you.”

His Angel bowed her head she wanted him lying next to her.
“My heart yearns for you it rhythmic beating saying I love you. ‘

His Angel desperately wanted resolution to her many questions.
“I know I love you and you love me, but will our love survive?”

His Angel enjoys life and all the things that bring her happiness.
“My motto, take each day one step at a time, an try not to worry.“

His Angel smiled and chucked because tomorrow was here now.
“Oh-my-god, I just remembered things I forgot to do yesterday.”

His Angel wanted her life to return to normal and be at peace.
“When is my life going to make me feel loved, secure and happy?”

His angel looked for a man who would love despite her flaws.
“I will never be second in his life behind his family or his job!”

His Angel awoke in the night and her loneliness overtook her.
“Why can’t I do anything, but sit here and cry out your name.”

His Angel felt her desires rise and wanted to feel cock inside her.
“Honey, I can’t go three weeks without you making love to me!”

His Angel was hurt when she heard him speak these words.
“I do not own you go and find a man to fill the void in your life.”

His Angel told him that she has done that and even fucked them.
“I cried when he left because I have betrayed my love for you. “

His Angel told him she loved him regardless of the circumstances.
“But to be truthful I cannot say that I will love you in the future. “

His Angel added that she also had a fear falling for someone else.
“A guy who was their all the time and it would hurt you my love! “

His Angel reached out into the darkness of her room and uttered.
“Hold me tight, be my friend, love me and don’t ever let me go!”

His Angel knew she had come to terms with everything and said.
“Destiny will decide if our love is meant to be it will be!”