Tell me

By Princess4Jim

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I said I love you. You said you love me

Just as friends you said

My heart died a little

I told you I wanted you.

You told me you wanted me

Than you said it couldn't be anymore

My hope died a little.

I told you I needed you in my life.

You told me you needed me in your life

Than you told me, that it was never going to happen

My faith in men died a little more.

I cried for you.

I cried with you

I longed for you

Part of me was willing to die for you

Than one night

In an angry rage.

I told you

I wasn't going to ask to be your again.

If you wanted me. 

Ask me

If you needed me

Tell me.

If you loved me

The way that I love you

Than I needed to know

You felt it too

Than the same night

That is just what you did

You confessed your feelings for me

As I did for you.

That night we went from being

A you and a me

And we finally became

A we.

Even though it has not been easy

And we have had some hard time

It was all worth it

To finally be able to be yours forever.