Tender Heart, Keep Still…

By velvety

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my first poem...please be gentle

Tender heart keep still
You've been through a lot
Of soul wrenching pain
and heart rending spell.

Torn, slashed, and tattered
Seeking refuge was all that mattered
Tried to look in all direction
Hoping to find divine intervention.

Then an angel in disguise
Came along to your surprise
A kind heart, so thoughtful
Bring healing to your soul.

Sweet words that flattered
A heart which has long been shattered,
Has always been looked forward to
Like a magnet, this heart clinged to.

But wait, dear heart
Be wary and don’t be hasty
Lest you will find yourself
Loving in vain
And being hurt again.

Tender heart, keep still...
(Try to learn your lesson well).