That White Shirt,Tartan Mini and Six Inch Heels

By anonymous1526

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A man and woman enjoy some passionate sex
I hear you walking up the path so I open the door

You take one look and you almost fall to the floor

With my black six inch high heels I stand before you

Tonight baby your fantasy is going to come true

Closing the door you’re stood their just staring

Gazing at the white shirt and tartan mini I’m wearing

With a tie hanging loosely around my neck

After I have finished tonight you’re going to be a sexual wreck

I pull your face towards mine and purse my lips on your face

You put your arms around me and hold me in embrace

I start kissing you slowly as you play with my hair

You then start squeezing my ass your naughty don’t you dare

I let you unbutton my shirt to reveal my pert breast

I rip of your jacket to reveal your waxed chest

I lead you to the bedroom strutting in my naughty shoes

I bite your neck passionately leaving a bruise

You pull aside my little black thong and suck on my clit

I’m dripping wet and you lick up every little bit

Still wearing my mini skirt and shoes I know you love this

I grab your hard cock in my hand which is pure bliss

I take you inside my mouth and you taste so good

Whilst rubbing your balls you moan in pleasure I knew you would

You can’t wait any longer and push me back on the bed

Sliding your big cock inside me together we are led

You thrive in and out of me and it feels so damn good

Pulling your cock out for me to suck it tastes like it should

We are both moaning in pleasure as we are together as one

Shutting my eyes in ecstasy I cant believe this is so fun

Pulling out your cock from inside me you cover my face in your cum

Then whilst I taste your juices you slide your member in my bum

I scream with pleasure as your cock fills my small little hole

I’m moaning so loudly I just cant control

As you pulsate in and out of my ass you play with my slit

I cum and my juices explode we are both covered in it

You collapse on top of me and whisper in my ear

Sweet words that make me smile and make my feelings come clear

You pull the quilts over us as it’s so late

We are together for a reason baby I think its pure fate

I wake up in the morning and look up at you

I think of the night before and know my feelings for you are true