The bachelor party

By frankc1974

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Tags: fetish, bondage, taboo, group

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A couple that plays together
The stage is set
Turning you into my pet
I lay out your new outfit
I know that you're going to be a big hit

I can't wait to see you soon
The clock is somewhere around noon
People will show up before long
Moans and screams will be our song

You walk thru the door
Your clothes hit the floor
You put on your outfit with a smile
With leash in hand I'm in style

Just on time
I hear the door bell chime
I welcome them to come inside
I pull you back by your hide

You pull it off without a hitch
On all fours you are my bitch
You sit up and beg for more
Soon enough you will be our whore

You gladly take on two,three,and then more
The sounds of your suit being tore
Quickly are replaced with sounds of lust
You whimper with every thrust

What you have asked for
You had gotten more
As men finish and leave the room
You are only left with your groom

When you remove the mask
You have me to finish this task
Little did they know
You were the show

A party to be my last
We both had a blast
You stand here sore
As we say I Do for ever more

I stand here with a smile
Fixing to run down the isle
For a kinky time of my life
I'm now able to call you my wife