The Beach

By CumGirl

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Tags: love, poem, sea, beach, wind, heartache

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The Beach

So let us wander hand in hand
Along the barren shore,
Be buffeted by sea-swept gusts
And dare to dream of more.
Beneath the dark forbidding sky,
Pale footsteps in the sand;
Insignificant you and I
For love must make a stand.

Do pull me to your damaged heart,
Press my face to your chest.
Allow tempest to whip our clothes
Let our confusion rest.
And as the spraying salted air
Flays our trembling skin,
Please open yourself unto me
Once more allow me in.

The noisesome crowds are far behind
It is just you and me:
Solitary, conjoined, alone
A place we might be free.
Barriers I’ll lay at your feet;
Hear my supplicant plea.
I’ve come to crawl, I’ve come to beg
For our lost destiny.

Do you recall when we did stand
In such a windswept place,
And as raw nature thrashed and blew
We found our secret space?
Where all the world is but two eyes,
Two mouths, two tongues, four lips,
And I was captured in your arms
Succumbed to true love’s grip.

Yet now I know that you were Lear
And I was but The Fool;
That when to madness we did drift
Devotion can be cruel.
But I will stand upon this beach
Eyes staring out to sea,
Surrounded by my memories
Heart pining still for thee.